Inspired Messages Through Me To You

The inspired message below was given to me through my soul guide to share with you all. I receive telepathic messages in my highest state of consciousness and in this process I transcribe the messages automatically into writing. The words and the message below has not been edited or changed in anyway. “When you expand your mind outside of your inner thoughts by taking yourself to peaceful, healing, loving images then your taking your energy self (mind energy) there before your physical reality catches up with your inspired images. This is true of all creative thoughts that are filled with […] Continue reading »

Messages & Signs From Spirit

Today as I sat in my dinning room while listening to a radio broadcast on receiving signs and messages from the spirit realm my garden door was wide open which leads directly out onto a small landing area where I have some potted flowers. As I’m listening to the radio host talking about spirit showing us signs in our everyday life, the cutest little blue and white breasted robin appeared just three feet away from me as it sat on one of my potted flowers. I knew this was a sign from spirit and I felt delighted at the synchronicity […] Continue reading »

Empowering Life Healing Coaching

Book a Master Healing Coaching Event Empowering Healing solutions for challenges with stress, insomnia, loss of motivation, physical and emotional pain, depression, loss of direction, negative self-beliefs & Soul loss.   Spiritually Guided Healing Solutions Program includes the following: – Inquires & bookings Contact Hattie  07969558805 Meditation & Healing Exercises Clearing Energy Blocks Intuitive Development  Taking Inspired & Intuitive Action  Connecting with source energy  Guided Visualization for transformation Soul Guide messages Soul retrieval  As an energy healer and intuitive speaker I’m highly attuned to receiving and giving divine healing and guidance. In a group event or private classes the divine energy is so highly charged that it feels […] Continue reading »

Holy Week

Has something died in your life? Perhaps the end of relationship, a business or a long friendship. Maybe you need to change or end something that’s no longer working in your life. At this holy time feel the presence of God through regular prayer and meditation. The Holy Spirit heals and guides those seek and Christ’s death calls us to our own resurrections.   Continue reading »

Raise Your Consciousness For World Peace

We can all make a difference through our collective consciousness for peace, healing and abundance not only in our own lives but for whole world, especially for the women, children & men who are suffering and dying on a daily basis because of the wars that are taking place right now. Many of us are already expanding our consciousness through prayer, meditation and through conscious awareness. As we raise our consciousness we all speak the same language of peace, we pray to the one God, no matter what your religion, or preferred way of practice. Let’s stop the separation caused […] Continue reading »

Be The Light Among The Darkness

Whenever you feel angry pray for calm within you and the situation around you and take responsibility for your actions by avoiding negative confrontations and lashing out with poisonous words.Whenever you feel happy pray with gratitude. When you see or know someone who’s suffering pray with love and compassion for a solution, keep this in your hearts and mind and be sincere. Feeling sad and depressed, don’t even know why, just pray and let the light shine out the darkness. The light is a metaphor for all that is good but it’s also very real as God and higher beings […] Continue reading »

God Resides Within You

Through my conversations with many people who attend church and those who don’t attend church I’ve learned that you can be a person of strong faith spreading peace and love to all people without attending any reaglious services. You may or you may not understand the Holy scriptures but you can feel Gods love residing in your heart and soul. That’s of course when we’re aligned to our higher selves which does take spiritual & personal practice. From my own experience I discovered my own connection with God not through attending Church or any other reaglious organisation but through the process of self healing and later as a channel for giving healing […] Continue reading »

Christ Consciousness

As we’re fast approaching Christmas by taking more time in prayer and meditation we can experience the Christ consciousness coming alive within us and our lives. Simply by embracing the love of God you invite the great Prophets and Ascended Masters that resonate within you most. No matter what your religious beliefs the message that comes through Christ is truly universal. We are physical beings having a spiritual experience and our souls are eternal, as Christ’s resurrection is the celebration of eternal life. It’s a powerful time to heal old wounds and to give forgiveness. In forgiving we release ourselves from […] Continue reading »

Youth Empowerment Coaching

Since I started putting together self help empowerment  programmes for adults I started to receive referrals from parents or relatives of young people including schools, community centres and other organisations. It was clear to me that besides the conventional intervention programmes in helping young people with challenging issues I could support the personal and spiritual happiness of young people by devising youth empowerment programmes in coaching self-empowerment techniques in emotional, mental and physical well-being. My workshop programmes enable the young person by overcoming individual challenges, supporting their development in having a healthy self-esteem, assertiveness and resistance. My approach to coaching empowers the young mind by demonstrating […] Continue reading »

Acheivement Formula

You’ll get no where if you start no where. If your aim in life is vague, your achievements will also be vague. There is great power in written words that’s why writing down your goals is so powerful. When you write your definite aims in life it’s your own personal declaration of what you expect to achieve and the proposed actions it requires that will lead to fulfilment of your goals. This is a formula used by some of the most successful people in the world. Write down your personal, professional, or any definite aim you have for the next […] Continue reading »